What Business is Least Likely to Fail?

Discover which businesses have low failure rates so you can start your entrepreneurial journey with confidence! Learn about laundromats, transportation companies, vending machines & more.

What Business is Least Likely to Fail?

Whether you're starting a small business or buying an existing business, these successful small businesses are great places to begin your journey as an entrepreneur. Laundromats are one of the most reliable investments. Real estate is a great option for generating monthly cash flow, and most of the expenses are fixed. The value of the asset also tends to appreciate steadily over time, resulting in long-term capital gains while receiving cash flow.

Real estate also allows the investor to use leverage to purchase the asset with borrowed bank money. The return on borrowed money can be much higher than that of other investments that require all the capital to buy an asset. You can also hire a property manager to turn a real estate business into a cash-flow asset that doesn't require your time. Transportation companies are another great option for those looking for a business with a high success rate.

These companies can range from a long-distance transport company that transports goods across the country or that simply delivers the last few miles. Transportation companies usually have a success rate of around 76%. Transportation companies have low capital requirements, except owning or leasing the necessary trucks. Vending machines are an interesting business model because you can start them with minimal capital and also expand them to any size you can manage.

The variety of items you can sell is also large. This business has large profit and profit margins, volume is what makes it profitable and worth the work. It's like having a bunch of small assets flowing into cash. A vending machine company's expenses are based on products, the cost of gas, and time.

To get to the best locations, you'll also have to pay a fee, as the best high-traffic companies rent premises. But you can also create your own sales route with free locations if you can find companies that allow you to place vending machines where you need them for free. Laundries have a success rate of approximately 94.8% over a five-year period. They tend to be cash-flow and recession-proof businesses, as people always need to do their laundry regardless of the economy.

Most laundromats don't require employees and, in most cases, are businesses with 24-hour cash flow. They are not as expensive to own as you might think. Many people want to start a business, but most are afraid of failing. And this is a very valid fear.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 20% of new companies fail in the first year, 50% in five years, and 65% in ten years. AdvisorSmith found that Massachusetts had the lowest failure rate for small businesses. In Massachusetts, 20% of companies went bankrupt in the first year, 36% in three years and 46% in five years. All of these failure rates were substantially below the national average failure rates.

Small businesses must invest in strong sales and marketing campaigns, invest in hiring the right talent and experience to successfully execute their sales and marketing strategies, and be able to listen to customer feedback to make the necessary investments to refine their products or services to meet specific customer needs. One example is the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) program, which partners with local universities and community colleges to help businesses in their areas. However, entrepreneurship is far from easy, and many of those who start small businesses end up closing their stores after several years. In addition, many business owners lack the business acumen or experience to manage rapid business growth or unexpected business interruptions.

These data show the survival rate of companies based on their employment reports to various government agencies. All of this can have a huge impact when it comes to creating a “business-friendly” community without having to be overcomplicated by fiscal incentives or more aggressive government interventions, but, of course, they are sometimes necessary. This is the innovative part of companies, which consists of ensuring their survival, thinking about the big picture of facing competition and keeping up with progress of technology. Doing business isn't as easy as most people think, whether it's a big company trying to survive in its market year after year or a small business that's just starting out; the success rate isn't high. A large number of variables come into play when determining which states are most and least hospitable to small business owners and entrepreneurs. However, successful business owners find that balance when they can “play it safe” in some areas and take calculated risk in others. As important drivers of employment and the economy, small business owners are critical to the U.

S. economy. In Miami-Dade County and the Florida Keys, the local SBDC center is located at the College of Business at Florida International University. For startups, the lack of an adequate marketing strategy becomes a major obstacle to obtaining funding from investors and being able to correctly execute the launch of the business.