Great American Business Owner Program

The Great American Business Owner Program is for the Business Owner who wants to increase profits and develop a business into an asset they could sell someday.

Great American Business Owner Program

This Seminar is for Business Owners …

To attend you should be a business owner that has employees or have a positive cash flow and be planning to hire employees in the near future. You will be networking with other business owners and sharing your business experience. This will provide an environment of real world learning and provide you with great information on how to grow your business larger and faster.

The Great American Business Owner Program Is Designed To Build A Stronger Business Community

Our goal is to build a stronger and more powerful Business Community so small and medium sized businesses can grow bigger and stronger. Bigger and stronger businesses will provide superior job opportunities to the citizens of our great community. This business community will have advanced resources, superior training and on going support not offered in any other venue. Business Owners participating in this community will be using the most advanced human resource and business skills to prosper and to give back to their community.

The Business Challenge

All businesses face major challenges in learning to survive and to achieve rapid growth.

  • 95% of businesses have 5 or less employees
  • 66% of business will fail in 6 years
  • Less than 1 in 100 businesses will reach revenue levels of $1,000,000 per year.
  • Less than 1 in 500 businesses will reach revenue levels of $5,000,000 per year.

There are five major reasons for these sad statistics:

  • Lack of Knowledge and Experience
  • Inadequate Relationship Skills to Build Team, Customer and Business Community Support
  • Lack of Planning - Business Plans, Financial Plans, Marketing Plans
  • Lack of Business Structure for Responsibility & Repeatability
  • Lack of Capital to Succeed for the First Two Years

Business owners and entrepreneurs are unique. They are highly independent and individualistic. To grow and prosper they need advanced skills in dealing with hundreds of people including suppliers, employees, customers, other business people, competitors and governmental agencies. Most of these skills are not taught in schools or colleges and they take a long time to acquire in the real world of business. The high rate of failure of new business testifies to the fact that these skills are not well known.

The Great American Business Owner Program

The Great American Business Owner Program Will Help You Develop the Advanced Business and Personal Skills Necessary to Succeed and to Grow Your Business.

These are a few of the things that this program provides:

  • Local Training
  • Seminars and Programs are held in the San Diego Area which provides for local support and saves travel time and travel expenses.
  • Support from Cannon Training and Development and Other Business Owners
  • Coaches and Consultants to Handle Your Specific Needs
  • Training Specialized to Fit Your Business
  • Networking with Hundreds of Other Business Owners
  • Shared Business Experiences and Challenges and Solutions
  • Shared Learning
  • Teaching Others - Giving Back
  • Master Mind Groups for Support and Rapid Growth
  • Increased Branding Awareness
  • Leverage - How To Build It With People, Time, Reputation, Contacts, etc.
  • Bigger Reputation - Become Known to Thousands of Businesses
  • Playing and Creating With Business Achievers
  • Funding Discussions and Support
  • Resource Center
  • Capital Formation
  • Leads
  • Referrals
  • Community Support - Giving and Receiving
  • No Other Network or Support Like This
  • Benefits of Participating in the Great American Business Owner Program

Most small businesses have the ability and the resources to double their bottom line. Through the development of superior business and personal skills and the support of a strong local business community businesses can become more efficient and effective. One of the Major Keys is learning how to leverage your current assets and personnel. Managers and employees become team member striving to make the business more successful because they too benefit from giving their best. Employees learn to become dedicated decision makers that move your business forward at a rapid rate.

The seminars create an accelerated learning opportunity for business owners and executive decision makers.

What Will Business Owners Learn With The Great American Business Owner Program?

Leadership, Motivation and Greater Understanding of Other People, The Art of Asking, Developing Strong Support Teams, Communications, 5 Levels of Relationships, Stress Management, How to Increase Personal Drive, Strong Business Values, Career Development, Hiring and Firing Strategies, Interviewing, Networking, Setting and Achieving Goals, Business Development Processes, Mentoring, Team Building, Sales, Marketing,

Customer Service & Relations, Best Practices, Time Management, Systems & Structure, Capital Raising, etc.

What Businesses Would Benefit By Attending?

If you own a business or want to start a business you should attend!

Accountants, Lawyers, Trades People, Hair Salons, Locksmiths, Real Estate, Small Store Owners, Electronic Firms, Computer Experts, Painters, Massage People, Veterinarians, Dentists, Doctors, etc.